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  Hydro Power
  Energy systems older than   2000 years

  Wind Power
  Energy from the middle of the   clouds

  Green Energy for a better future

  Energy from the centre of the   Earth

  Carpe Diem using the daylight

BR Energy:

Responsibility Belong to Us!

Energy and climate problems constantly rising. Increasing CO2 emissions worlwide therefore causing massive enviromental problems on a global scale. This also Increases the need for external energy sources and Inevitably resources. Therefore suitable and reliable energy sources are much needed. Such as Wind, Sun, Biomass and Water. This will Inturn help to reshape european countries in the future as "BR Energy" , our basic duty is to reduce increasing energy costs through innovative and clean energy solutions we create and prevent damaged caused to the environment. In order to realize this objective, we carry out activities in Cogeneration (CHP), Biogas Facility, Photovoltaic and Sun energy technologies.